Kels and Eli – Deep In Love


The day awakes sending first rays of sunlight carefully through the window. Softly tickling two tips of noses, conjuring a smile on their faces.

Slowly eyes open up, shining with love after looking at the other side of the bed.

Seeking closeness Kelsey lays her head on Elis shoulder, he kisses lovingly her forehead.

Whether it´s at the breakfast, while relaxing at their comfy couch or out among blooming nature – Kelsey and Eli proof impressively how beautiful life as a married couple is.

Dear affection, deep feelings and unbridled faith are their recipe for a happy marriage.

The two let photographer Jessica Scott join them for a day to capture their love in black and white.

Now Jessica Scott Photography wants to share her impressive pictures full of personality and seizable closeness with us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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