Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold and silver powder and creating new works of art.

Kylee Yee brings this fascinating art in a sublime way into this extraordinary editorial. Her pictures tell the story of the healing process from broken or injured to a new sense of vitality and resilience.  The true life of the bowl actually began the moment it was dropped.

A bride with slightly Asian facial features, lines and symbols that are reminiscent of far eastern characters and a white robe similar to a kimono, lay the groundwork for minimalist wedding inspirations from the land of the rising sun.

No classic makeup but shimmering gold adorns her beautiful face, that runs down her neck towards her shoulder, to find it accomplishment in a traditional painting. Also, the small dishes show the ornate gold lines of the Kintsugi Art.

Just like in front of an altar the bride goes down on her knees at the feet of an old table, while she repeats her vow in her mind, which is written in artful calligraphy on a soft piece of linen. One last look out of the window into the future that lies before her, then the morning of her wedding passes by…

These extraordinary wedding inspirations are the latest project of the artists Kylee Yee and Chikae O.H.

Deeply connected with Asia themselves its not surprising, that this cooperation resulted in such an authentic and expressive piece of art.

Let´s relax and let Kylee Yee take us to a foreign world that she´s trying to give us an understanding of with her amazing pictures.




PHOTOGRAPHER: Kylee Yee Photography
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Kylie McMichael
MODEL: Mary Coyne

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