Leather and Cotton Breakfast Wedding Inspirations


The scent of crisp bread is in the wind, mixing with the smell of fresh wood and soft leather. This day is still young yet the table is decked out sumptuously. Vases with flowers, cutlery on napkins, delicacies from pancakes to eggs – everything´s set for a very special wedding.

Inspired by one of her own breakfasts photographer Debbie Lourens had the perfect idea for this exceptional shoot. In collaboration with decorator and florist Ilse of Blomstories she recently realized her visions of a “breakfast wedding”.

Filigree flower arrangements meet massive wood, rustic leather and natural linen harmonize wonderfully with golden flatware, elegant crystal glasses and transparent chairs. What a great mixture of styles!

Unique and unusual yet elegant and modern the stationery by Susan Brand mirrors all the different elements and finds its ally within the crocheted wedding dress from The Wedding Boutique.

With this shoot the team of photographer Debbie Lourens inspires all the future bridal couples who don´t want to wait until dinner to take their seats as Mr. and Mrs. at the table…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Debbie Lourens
MAKE-UP AND HAIR:  Marnel Toerien
DRESS: The Wedding Boutique
VENUE: Langkloof Roses
BREAKFAST MENUE: La Petite Patisserie
GOLD CUTERLY: Two Birds at the Dairyshed



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