Elopement Beach In Shades Of Blue


A cloudless sky, the gentle waves of the ocean, the gauzy dress of a future bride and the smart suit of her blissful groom set the tone, for a beach elopement in shades of blue.

Barefoot they leave common traces in the sand. A symbol, for the way that brought them here. Hand in hand, they always go straight. An Allegory for the path ahead of them. Significantly, a rock protrudes from the water in the background. A parable for another milestone in their relationship…

Like many emotional moments in life, the engagement is a unique, irretrievable experience. And just like those many other moments as well, its memories should rest forever in our hearts.

Nadia Hung has given this enchanting couple a special remedy for the fading of memories: captivating images that have impressively captured the happiness, love and intimacy they felt this day.

Chic and Pretty Events provided the perfect ambience, creating an incredible setting on this deserted spot with the awesome styling and breathtaking floral design by Jill Loves Lace.

Nadia Hung now shows us the result in her picture gallery, into which we would like to dive without any detours. 




PHOTOGRAPHY: Nadia Hung Photography
STYLING: Chic and Pretty Events
FLORAL: Jill Loves Lace


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