Love And Passion in La Palma


Blustering waves, rugged rocks and black sand seem ungodly, yet in their middle there´s a young love and their great passion seething.

Flaming red, like the last light of the setting sun, a dress slides down a brunette beauty, who, safe in the arms of her lover, forgets the world around her.  

Feeling life barefooted, seeing love in the eyes of each other. Showing and assuring each other’s affection. All that is said with looks, gestures and touches, not a single word needed…

We are overwhelmed and deeply surprised to find out what magical places La Palma has to offer. This abandoned insider tip is presented to us by photographers Mila and Stephan from Vivid Symphony who inspire us here with their breathtaking pictures.  

Both Mila and Stephan were visibly impressed by this beach: “The black lava sand, the rocks and the mighty ocean have conquered our hearts.”

Together with a charismatic couple, the two realized their visions of two hearts on Mallorca skillfully, transforming them into captivating inspirations.  

So sit back and let their great pictures sink in…

Translation: Marina Jenewein











    Vivid Symphony



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