Love And The Sea


Love and the sea, that’s all you need to be happy. At least that’s what the photographers Gyözö and Levi from Beloved Weddings want to convey to us with their latest styled shoot.

„Our concept is based on the universal experience that people need more than money and success to feel satisfied and happy. Even love is not enough, however it’s a good starting point. But you have to slow down. Enjoy the little things. Be amazed by nature. Feel the wind breezing your hair. Take a big walk along the shore. Preferably with no shoes on.“

In their fascinating picture gallery, they show us how it works. We dive in and find ourselves in Piran again. A delightful coastal town in Slovenia. It feels a bit like a journey back in time. And yet the inspirations could not be more modern…

An exciting mix, that Love DIY Wedding Decor created with the help of selected details and exquisite props and skillfully incorporated into each motif.

We are particularly enraptured by the timeless Daalarna wedding dress, which clings to the slim silhouette of the bride in style and seduction.

We take the words of Beloved Weddings to heart and look forward to walking barefoot along the beach soon and let your thoughts wander…



Photography, Film and Concept: Beloved Weddings
Bridal Gown: Daalarna – Benes Anita
Suit: DIGEL Store Budapest
Decoration: Love DIY Wedding Decor
Sweets: Édes Panna
Hair: Donát Czinege
Make-up: Makeup by Simonyi Fanni
Invitation cards: Toboz Művek
Props: Dress The Day – wedding hire
Models: Tamás Jereb, Hanna Kocsor (real couple)


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