Love by the turquoise blue sea of Tulum


Are you ready for paradise sand beaches, powerful colors and breathtaking flora. Then look forward to this wonderful love shoot, which the wedding photographers Angelika und Artur from die Hochzeitsfotografen brought back from their trip to Mexico.

Marietta and Benjamin have been living together in Tulum for several years. They love the Caribbean flair, the Mexican culture and architecture and the pulsating city with its many small shops and bars.

The couple in love leave their traces in the soft sand and enjoy the turquoise blue sea.

It is the bright eyes and smiling faces, the tender kisses and loving touches that make this invisible bond of love visible to everyone.

We love the natural look of this enchanting couple and the bright colors that Angelika und Artur from die Hochzeitsfotografen have captured so authentically by the wedding photographers with their beautiful pictures. This is what memories look like for eternity…