Love Dance To The Beat Of Hearts


With rhythm in their blood and passion in their tiptoes Vera and Rui show us a love dance to the beat of hearts.

The art of the aesthetic movement to music brought them together and will accompany them on all their paths.  

Today´s path leads this gorgeous couple through a light-flooded forest, in which they secretly and quietly celebrate their recent engagement.  

His face shines with happiness, her eyes radiate with love. Here, in the seclusion of woods, in the north of Portugal, Vera and Rui found their private dance floor…

Self-confidence, body control and expression – this future bridal couple was made for photo sessions like this for which they met with the photographers Vanessa and Ivo from Momentocativo.  

The pair of photographers still remembers these two lovebirds: „The love story of Vera and Rui began in the artistic world, they are both dancers. It was dancing that they met each other and fell in love since then they share the joy of music and rhythm side by side, forming a pair in dance and love.  

In the middle of nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Vera and Rui gave their feelings free rein and followed the choreography of their hearts. The result is a great selection of memories of their engagement, that
Momentocativo captured on amazing pictures for them.

 Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Momentocativo
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab
COUPLE: Vera and Rui

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