Love in the Age of the Old World


Darkly paneled walls, elaborately decorated; a precious carpet, oriental and hand knotted; a velvet chaise longue, antique and faded – a scenery which tells us how love must have felt in times of the Old World. 

Massive castle walls guard the greatest secret of their existence: a beauty wrapped in a touch of nothing.  Devouringly, she sinks under the veil of past, inquisitively inhaling the pleasant fragrance of history. 

Her ancestors accompany the bride out of bygone days and carry her into her new life. Invisible and yet omnipresent their glamorous history is mirrored in golden cutlery, expensive placemats and the priceless family jewelry. She owes this era who she is today: a modern bride as a connecting link of two different worlds…

Precious silver jewelry meets golden accents, pale gray meets juicy green and indestructible walls meet a delicate young woman – past and future are not the only kind of worlds, that photographer Lara Lam let merge. 

The Hollywood Castle seemed perfect to realize her fascinating visions, reminiscent of the glamor of the Old World, decorated with timelessly elegant floral arrangements made by Karen’s Garden

Authentic details like the lovingly laid table and the artistic stationery by Letters To You finally rounded out the captivating ambience, as we can see on the great pictures shot by photographer Lara Lam.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




VENUE: The Hollywood Castle
FLORALS: Karen’s Garden
WARDROBE: Coralie Beatrix
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Hikari Murakami
JEWELRY: Petals & Stones
CALLIGRAPHY: Letters to you
CAKE: Amor Bakery
MODEL: Tiger Kaufmann


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