Love in the hills OF TUSCANY


Whenever love really has a lock on two people pictures always say more than a thousand words – just like this engagement shoot of Leila and Joel. Because then it´s the bright eyes, and smiling faces, the tender kisses and loving gestures that make this invisible bond visible for everyone.

However, it gets especially exciting when the future bride is a very successful wedding photographer herself and for this occasion she suddenly has to stand in front of the camera instead of behind. In that case, she puts the responsibility for unique images trustfully in the hands of a dear colleague, the hands of a fantastic artist like Erich McVey.

So now the perfect place is all they still needed to find. Preferably one with a deeper meaning for the couple, spectacular backdrops and loads of romance. And what comes to mind? Right, Tuscany!

„We loved having the idea of doing our wedding in Tuscany.“Leila reveals. „We had envisioned the rolling hills of Tuscany as our backdrop and found our wedding venue outside of Pienza.“

And so Leila and Joel explored with Erich McVey the environment and stopped wherever their love could be staged particularly well: in the midst of endless fields, on a scooter or just in the deserted streets of the historic city.

„For the shoot, we just wanted to have some fun and incorporate a little bit of our love and sense of travel and adventure into our wedding memories! Joel and I met while traveling and one of the first adventures we did was scooter around the island of Antigua (where we met).“

We love the naturalness of this enchanting couple and how Erich McVey managed to capture them so authentically. This is what memories for eternity should look like…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



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