Love Letters


Longingly and expectantly the beauty waits for a piece of paper. A letter from her sweetheart swearing eternal fidelity to her.

With every word of affection her heart beats faster, with every line of emotion she realizes she might never see him again…

Inspired by heartbreaking love letters to “Gabrielle” in France of old 1900´s photographer Shannon Moffit decided to put a complexion on this unknown woman.

With this breathtaking editorial she let the letter´s ancient scent, the mysterious story behind them and the two suffering hearts become visible to us.

Accessories in proper style gave authenticity and the glance of the turn of the century to the setting. Modern flower arrangements by Roost Flowers and Designs, unique Ribbons by Silk and Willow and a captivating robe of lace and tulle complemented her creation.

Let´s join photographer Shannon Moffit and travel into the past to meet Gabrielle and her story of love…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Shannon Moffit
FLORAL DESIGN: Roost Flowers and Designs
RING DESIGNER: Susie Saltzman
MAKE-UP: Kim Porter
HAIR: Megan Bell of Behind the Veil
VENUE: Roost Flowers Studio, Virginia Beach
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints
MODEL: Next Models, Allison Monet Manhart


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