Love Melodies – the kisui bridal dresses collection 2021


Glitter and shine with a modern touch – that’s Love Melodies, the new kisui-berlin collection 2021.

Music, the perfect art to express love and feelings. The gift to evoke emotions with songs. The power to paint the most beautiful picture without brush and canvas. The sea of definitions seems endless…

Designer Kerstin Karges was inspired by the music of the rocking 80s-90s, as you can also see in the names of the individual models. Joanna (“2your the one, the one for me”) is made of tulle with thousands of dots and flounces.

Whether cheeky and playful or rather exciting and charming, the new collection seems to effortlessly fulfill unexpressed wishes.

The kisui Oui collection seduces with large-flowered lace and fun embroidery. This combination gives the collection a dynamic, romantic casual appeal.

For 13 years, designer Kerstin Karges has been delighting her clients with narrow flowing silhouettes that give the bride room to unfold. Her courage to think outside the box, her feeling for upcoming trends, her stylistically confident hand for fabrics and her unmistakable signature in design are the guarantee for her continuing success.

With the seductive wedding dresses from kisui-berlin you will always have your finger on the pulse of time. Modern brides in search of that certain something can’t go wrong with this creative label.





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