Love, Passion and Temperament


If love, passion and temperament are the ingredients for a fiery elopement, then fine art photographer Lucy Davenport serves us a real feast for the eyes of wedding inspirations.

It is about a couple who have to hide their feelings for each other under a veil of secrecy and savors the precious moments together. A secret marriage is supposed to free them from this invisible prison and pave the way for a future side by side.

Event designer Sundari Ferris told us: „He awaits her in the chapel as they promised to each other a few days before. The sun is slowly rising and the shadows of the surrounding trees flicker across the stonewalls. He closes his eyes and remembers the secret meetings, the hidden blissful moments, the hours talking and dancing. He remembers when he first saw her. He remembered her voice and how his heart leapt each time her striking green eyes connected with his. He loved her in an instant and gave her all of his soul without a question.

She slowly opens the door to the chapel, and takes her first steps into the dark space illuminated by just a few few pools of sunlight. She see’s him, turned toward the front and she sighs. He doesn’t move. She takes a few hesitant steps forward and is basked in sunlight, it’s warmth feels comforting. Then he finally turns toward her. 

His hand reached out towards her; holding her rosary beads that she had given to him months before. A sign of her devotion to him and her promise to be his forever…“

A delicate story that only a team of well-known wedding vendors was able to bring to life at Cornwell Manor with such enthusiasm. Vendors such as the experienced floral designers Verity & Thyme, who gave a mysterious sleeping beaut charm to the couple´s bedroom. Or dress designer Joanne Fleming, who provided the seductive red wedding dress. And of course event designer Sundari Ferris, without whom all the small and large details had never found each other to make this special love story come true…

And without whom we would ultimately have to forgo the expressive pictures by Lucy Davenport, with which the photographer now takes us into an unknown world.



Photographer: Lucy Davenport 
Styling, concept & design: Sundari Ferris 
Dress designer: Joanne Fleming Design 
Accessories: Tilly Thomas Lux (earrings)
Hair & MUA: Emma Walsh 
Model Agency: Lindt Creative

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