Love Shoot In France


The sun sets slowly into the sea and a cold wind blows on the coast of Etretat, the backdrop of this love shoot in France.

Deserted and yet so alive, pale and yet so powerful, meek and yet so harsh. A place of contrasts, ideal for a fascinating photo workshop held by Nastia Vesna.

An extraordinary couple in the midst of an extraordinary landscape, these are the two elements which merged in front the lenses of Nastia Vesna´s workshop participants.

Unpredictable factors such as a spectacular sunset or the nightly low altitude of local wildlife were her secret X-factor, which turned her workshop into an unforgettable experience for all the participants.

The repertoire of unique motifs seemed to be infinite and the selection of poses from the charming couple felt inexhaustible. The very bride in her stunning robe with a deep back cutout by Atelier Laure de Sagazan  served as compelling image.

We are deeply impressed by what Nastia Vesna has created and offered her workshop participants. Come with us as we sink into her wonderful image gallery!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: workshop by Nastia Vesna
ORGANIZATION: Nastia Vesna & Dmitri Balan
DRESS: Atelier Laure de Sagazan 
MUAH: Emilie Plume
EARRINGS: Privat Stone
MODELS: Tatiana Belousova &  Utku Bal



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