Love Story in Black and Gold at Hawaii´s Beach


Mysterious darkness browses over the black beach into the deep ocean. While the evenly sound of the sea rocks visitors to smooth melancholia. It´s the lush green of the bordering vegetation and the golden bride strolling along the coast who seems to bring back romantic hope to this bay of Maui.

Sometimes love needs some drama. And that´s exactly what photographer Ashley Kelemen and Magnolia Rouge turned into pictorial sensuality with their imaginative wedding inspirations as they brought a gorgeous love story in black and gold to the island.

We join this graceful bride in her golden gown by designer Elizabeth Dye. It´s a dream of sumptuous tulle, finest lace and applications. Glamorous attitude becoming the most natural bridal styling on the island. Somehow wild, lost yet mysterious as this place.

Directly at the beach there´s a table for two – with the lush green of Hawaii´s vegetation in the back. Black stationery invites us to stay, tableware with gold edges as well as black and golden details persuade to enjoy.

A calm and restrained yet elegant table setting giving this gracious spectacle of nature the advantage. From here she looks far into the distance, into the horizon at the ocean, to end up in the eyes love.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ashley Kelemen
PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Wendy Laurel Photography
VENUE: Haiku Mill, Hawaii
FLORIST: Mandy Grace Designs
VEIL + HAIR ACCESSOIRES: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jessica Waite Makeup Artistry
JEWELLERY: Trumpet & Horn
STATIONERY: The Little North Sea Studio
CERAMICS: Seeds & Stone
TABLE RENTALS: Signature Boutique Event Rentals



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