Love without borders at Villa Platamone



If you like a concentrated load of romance, a large portion of happiness and lots of sunshine, you will love the unconventional love story of Celeste and Adam on Lake Como as much as we do.

It is the fairy tale of longing for a place with Mediterranean flair, and dreamy little gardens. For a place that belongs only to them and where time stops for a moment of togetherness. This extraordinary concept was developed by wedding planner Diana from Edelweiss Weddings Italy and implemented together with a dedicated team.

With their stunning shots, photographers Kira & Ira Photography tell us the heartwarming story.

From the team: “Celeste and Adam are both from different countries,they  live in Milan, but the meeting was  on the Amalfi coast , in Italy. They also planned to organize their wedding celebration there. But the 2020 did not allow them to realize this, the couple in love was forced to postpone their wedding almost 2 years in advance. But quarantine can stop everything except love, no obstacles are subservient to it. To relieve sadness, the guys decided to celebrate the anniversary of their acquaintance as a small wedding in a narrow family circle. They turned to their organizer Diana from Edelweiss Weddings in Milan for help.

The wedding planner suggested organizing a celebration on Lake Como. For this they have selected a small cozy villa in the heart of the city. Villa Platamone impresses with its charm and luxury, and even more with its hospitality and cordiality of its owners, who, no matter what, opened their doors for us.

When Celeste showed us the dress she had chosen for the celebration. We all said “WOW” This is Marshmallow. And this is the name of the model of this dress from “ Victoria Soprano Group with a representative in Italy “Honeуmoon Sposa”.

They seem to have descended from the pages of our beloved Andersen’s fairy tales,” we thought. It was simply impossible not to fall in love with this romantic and madly in love couple.

To emphasize the pink haze of the dress, we decided, together with Julia from Della Bella Fiori, to use soft shades of green and a lot of white in the design. And in jewelry and details – gold.

Edelweiss Weddings” handmade paper and watercolors from old Como mixed with Amalfi decorating the envelope. A kind of fantasy game based on the story of this couple.

We very kindly approached the organization of the entire celebration. We got inspired, created this fairy tale and believed in it ourselves.”





Planning & Organization:  Edelweiss Weddings Italy
Stationery:  Edelweiss Card Design
Model: Natali

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