Madonna Italiana


We close our eyes, travel back to the time of our ancestors, dive into this mystical aura of this era, where the modern bride, Madonna, italina appears to us.

As if the world had stopped turning back then the picturesque Castello di San Fabiano lies embedded in the fragrant and in the golden sunlight bathing Tuscany.

Everything about it looks untouched, almost virgin. And yet his old age is omnipresent.

Not so with our beautiful bride. Her immaculate appearance becomes the epitome of beauty and youth …

This gem of bridal inspiration we owe to the film photographers Chiara Natale and Pierpaolo Polcaro, who introduce us to another facet of wonderful Tuscany with their fantastic shots, for which they created their own world.

„We were looking for a taste out of time, with a sense of eternal beauty.“ event designer Cristina Firotto said. „Our inspiration were details that could magnify the space and its classic, sober, delicate mood, suspended between past and present.“

And their great instinctive feeling and sense for fine art is exactly what we see on the great images shot by Chiara Natale and Pierpaolo Polcaro: stylishly selected elements that, merge into an authentic whole as if they were created for each other.

Now let´s get enchanted by the two artists and get carried away into their mystical dream world between times!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHERS: Chiara Natale and Pierpaolo Polcaro
STYLING: Cristina Firotto
VENUE: Castello di San Fabiano
BRIDAL GOWN: Anna Fucà Atelie
FLOWERS: Elena Mainoldi Flower Designer
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Arby Kaja
JEWELRY: Naa Studio
LIGHTING AND MUSIC: Alma Project 247
FILM LAB: Lumina Film Lab
MODEL: Elisa Muzzillo



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