Magadalena and Danny – feels like heaven…


Words could hardly express these feelings. It’s an uncompareable moment, a moment that becomes a memory for life. Seconds that remain in your soul.

Just like that Magdalena and Danny will remember this romantic-shooting on the beach for the rest of their lives.

The breathtaking scenery for this special shooting was the beautiful Maroubra Beach in Sydney. At 5:30 in the morning they met their befriended couple Roland and Dani who are photographers and work for Linse 2. But at that time they were on an adventure-tour through Australia and excited to take so many amazing pictures of the loving couple.

Some of those pictures were shot during a wonderful walk across the beach, along the natural and rocky coast.

Magdalena is a great artist from Austria, she met Danny in Thailand on her journey round the world. Because of her creativity they decided to transform one of the rocks into a work of art. They made an edit format of their own outlines and stylishly eternalized themselves into the landscape.

The impressingly moody pictures made by Dani and Roland of Linse 2 are pure eye candy and we just can’t get enough of them…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


magdalena danny1-engagementmagdalena danny2-Engagement Sydney Couple Shootmagdalena danny3-Engagement Sydney Paarshootingmagdalena danny4-Engagement Sydney Paarshootingmagdalena danny5-Engagement Sydney Couple Shootingmagdalena danny6-Engagement Sydney Couple Shootmagdalena danny7-Engagement Sydney Paarshootingmagdalena danny8-Engagment Sydney Couple Shootmagdalena danny9-Engagement Sydney Couple Shoot





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