Magical winter bride


The air fills with magic as we look at the amazing pictures shot by Shannon Von Eschen from Shannon Von Eschen Photography.

The tender winter bride spreads pure fascination wearing a beautiful lavender colored dress and a breathtaking chaplet. A dreamlike bridal bouquet attracts everybody´s attention and shows how talented florist Robyn Rissman from Bare Root Flora is.

Of course the pretty decorated white horse lets our hearts skip a beat, too. Although it seems like it´s very cold the bride ambles across the icy floor next to her gorgeous horse as if the cold couldn´t harm them. She obviously enjoys the easygoing atmosphere and the few shafts of sunlight.

This impressive world of pictures shot by Shannon Von Eschen from Shannon Von Eschen Photography is fascinating and bedazzles with every little detail.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Shannon Von Eschen Photography
FLORIST: Robyn Rissman Of Bare Root Flora
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Lindsay Ambrosio
HAIR STYLIST: Riley Vnnola
JEWELRY: Francesca’s Collection
MODEL: Victoria Olona

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