Maritime Bridal Inspirations


Foaming waves disappearing in the fine sand, faded reed that longs for the sun and a bride with a proclivity for extravagance get us in the right mood for maritime bridal inspirations with a X factor.

Single blades of grass stick their heads through the sand´s surface, swaying softly to the beat of every gust. Dense branches form a protective wall for everyone seeking for shelter from the tides like those breakable grass stalks.

Likewise, delicate but not at all breakable a red-haired beauty stands up to the breeze. Lets her dress´ sheer skirt fly and single strands of hair dance around at a whim. It seems like she´s the bride taming the ocean.

In her arms she holds flowers, sweeping and wild. When in the blink of an eye they lay around her neck, small and gentle. A dream of lace by Flora Bridal gives way to a lace jumpsuit by Ritual Unions. Two highlights that happen to be the X factor of this unconventional styled shoot by IDO Events.

But at the same time a lovingly decorated table for two as well as the incredible flower bouquets by Anna Cortez  tout for attention which we bestow as we marvel at the fascinating pictures shot by photographer Kevin Klein who obviously devoted himself to every little detail.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




DRESSES: Flora Bridal und Ritual Unions
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Stella Loewnich
FLORIST: Anna Cortez 
STATIONERY: Deliver Studio 
ACCESSOIRES: Nature Design
CAKE: Verzuckert Berlin 
SHOES: Casadei und Jimmy Choo
VIDEOGRAPHY: Sandra Skroblies
MODEL: Saskia Bauermeister



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