Maritime Flair in Lisbon


Studded with historical charm, maritime flair and typical local details the ancient Palacio Belmonte whets our appetite for fancy weddings in Lisbon.  

As if that was the most normal thing in the world, precious blue-painted tiles grace the palace, which a modern bride conquers in bridal dresses designed by Eva Poleschinski.  

Elaborately renovated, without blurring the characteristics of past millennia, the object serves as backdrop for an exciting first look.

Just like Alfama, the old city of Lisbon, the old building fascinates with countless untold stories, undiscovered corners and inexplicable magic, attracting couples like this from all over the world.  

Radiant colors are omnipresent, timeless elegance is ever-present. Paired with the style of previous generations, modernity is given a new face. A face like the one that ornate the wonderful stationery by Delicious Wedding, featuring the characteristic tile painting of the region to reinterpret it on their invitation suite.  

Just like the bridal couple themselves, this is how colors and shapes as well as past and present become a harmonious unity on the stylishly laid table.

Tanja and Markus alias A Twist of Lemon captured this unification with their cameras and want share their impressive result with us now…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




BRIDAL COUTURE: Eva Poleschinski
VENUE: Palacio Belmonte, Lissabon
PAPER WORK: Delicious Wedding
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Raquel Marrachinho
ASSISTANCE: Brauli Varges
MODELS: Diana Cruz, Felipy Silva
agency: Onwaymodels, Lissabon
FILM LAB: Richard Photolab