When suddenly the raging ocean huddles softly against the rough cliffs of Majorca’s coast and the warm sea breeze lifts dark clouds like a curtain to reveal the boards that mean the world the island becomes a unique backdrop for true love.

This bridal couple, Annika and Carsten, debauches in the smooth sound of the sea enjoying their love within a maritime vintage inspiration full of pastel colors like rose quartz and light green. Romantic, intimate and somehow quiet.

Thanks to this beautiful wedding decoration by Calallure and the romantic pictures shot by the wedding photographers of Hilal & Moses.

Hand in hand bride and groom leave profound footprints in the mudflat of the sea. The reminiscence of the only right way of love – towards marriage.

She wears a wonderfully novel lace dress with short sleeves and a transparent skirt by designer Victoria Rüsche. A pictorial piece of art that asks the bride´s natural look. No wedding jewelry – her tender make-up in pastel colors and a dreamy bridal bouquet is all it needs for delicate color accents.

However, the little wedding table at the beach is rich and lovingly arranged with jewelry: white doilies and noble flatware, lots of little vases with tiny bouquets of roses and peonies as well as little shells and starfish created a maritime vintage wedding theme.

In between you find light pink fishnets and gorgeous stationery by Tim Hüfner – wedding eve designed with a whiff of nautical romance. Playful yet amazingly understatement.

Tying the knot at the sea? Definitely! Because tender pastel enchantment and wild whispers of the sea go so well together. Now dive into the dreamlike gallery of pictures by Hilal & Moses with us…

 Translation: Marina Jenewein


annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0001 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0002 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0003 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0004 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0005 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0006 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0007 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0008 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0009 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0010 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0011 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0012 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0013 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0013a annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0014 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0015 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0016 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0017 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0017a annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0018 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0019 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0021 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0022 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0023 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0025 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0025a annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0025b annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0025c annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0025d annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0025e annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0026 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0030 annika-carsten-vintage-liebestraum-mallorca_0031


FOTOGRAFIE: Hilal & Moses
PAPETERIE: Tim Hüfner – wedding eve
BRAUTKLEID: Victoria Rüsche
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Linda Clarin
BRAUTSTRAUSS: Flores Mallorca
LOCATION: Mallorca










Victoria Rüsche

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