Marmo – four ages in the quarries of Carrara


Art has infinitely many faces, is enriching and astonishing, broadens the horizon. In this unique editorial, art lives from strong contrasts, the play of light and shadow and the intermezzo between minimalism and opulence.

MARMO is an editorial project, shot in the Carrara Marble  Caves and planned by photographer Stefano Santucci and wedding planner Alice Bracciali from Unique Events in Tuscany.

They told: “Like other businesses within the wedding industry, we have not had the opportunity during this unusual year to express our vision through our work. Instead, we had time to focus single-mindedly on this Marmo project.

It took much energy and dedication to fit all the elements of this complex and structured project together to achieve a perfect balance.

The word MARMO means Marble.  Carrara  is the  most  famous  site in Italy where you can find this natural element. These rocks took 190 million years to  become what  we see  today.  In  those  days,  Tuscany was entirely covered by sea.

The locations we visited for this project took us  to  the  very quarries from which Michelangelo chose the best blocks to create ‘David’, and where Canova selected his marble for ‘The Three Graces’. Many of the great artists of history walked on these mountains. And the Carrara quarries suited our purpose perfectly, representing, as they do, human love through the ages:



Our team focused on finding a representation of love in  ancient times: the rite of love was symbolised by clay body painting that covered both our models’ bodies. Nanou worked on handmade raw jewellery and we set up a very spartan and simple ceremony inside an internal cave, protected by humid walls and stone ceilings and with dripping water.

From Nanou Gioielli, jewels: “Playing with fire: this is basically what I do. And thus my jewels are born. First, the flame gives life to the wax. Then the wax magically disperses and becomesthe never-to-be-repeated soul of an idea, of a story…a story of gold, silver orbronze. And for this story I always search for the the very essence of the material with which  I work,  creating  forms  which  could  belong  to the past, the  present or the  future: before  the  “early” becomes “too late”.



Our modern civilisation is increasingly detaching itself from the traditions and customs of the past: we experience loneliness and marginalisation, an experience which alienates individuality. We decided to represent  these scenes with contemporary outfits and with single and non-couple shots. We have been helped by Francesco Copparoni who made a beautiful haute couture dress, by By Romance and No Smoking Collection who  created tailleures and smoking jackets.

The usual long table at the reception has been replaced with a minimal intimate one, just to underline the experience  of loneliness on one side and the willing of essential on the other. The pampas grass installation mixed with other dried elements pop onto the minimalistic and modern set up and gives a breath of hope with its romantic touch.



No-one can imagine what the wedding of the future will be like, but for sure there will be elegance and spirit. The cave chosen was geometric and squared, the colour of the  marble  stood  out on the girls’ clothes. We tried to incorporate a new cosmic atmosphere without renouncing style and class.



Finally, a critical and intimate look, with greek statues, busts, a bridal boudoir session. All stationery was designed using handmade paper, a mix of recycled paper and fabric scraps, and with minimal graphics. This minimal design meets helps us to escape from tradition: the cracked layers of paint on the stationery and the irregular patterns on the fabric paper. The natural tones evoke a connection with earth.

In this part we played with images of ancient philosophers and artists represented by statues.



Photographer & Concept: Stefano Santucci
Wedding Planner  &  Coordination:  Unique Events in Tuscany
Flower  designer: Chiara Sperti Floral Events
Videographer: Vanessa Illi
Editorial  Director: EticaMentor
Venue: Cave di Marmo Tours
Mua  &  Hair: Silvia Gerzeli
Stationery: Carta Muriel
Jewels: Nanou Gioielli
Wedding Cake: Sugarcups Cake Design Tuscany 
Tailleures  and  smokings: No Smoking Collection
Prêt-à-porter bridal dress: By Romance
Haute  couture  dress: Francesco Copparoni Maison  
Bridal  vests: Flora Lastraioli
Renting statues: Corydon Arredi Vintage
Statues supports: Flowers Living
Mise  en  place  /  table  setting: Bitossi Home
Models: Aminta / Arianna