Mediterranean wedding inspirations at the Villa Vanzetti


From far away the scent of fresh herbs attracts us and chirping birds lead us the way to the house of love.

Nestled in Italy´s rich nature we encounter a gem of bygone days. Lovingly trimmed and lavishly groomed it´s the empire of a bride who knows every single corner of it.

Her little bouquet attends her as she strolls through the gardens, over bridges and stone stairs to welcome this young day. The day on which her life had come to a significant turning point.

The table is carefully laid, ready for the feast. Spreading Mediterranean flair and Italian charm like the estate, to let this day fade at a celebratory meal.

With this reinterpretation photographer Irina Rott shows us her vision of a Mediterranean-rustic world where colors, flowers and stylish design interlock like two filigree toothed wheels.

Event designer Alessandra Benedetti for Infinity Italian Wedding  impressively proofed her sense for style as she decorated Villa Vanzetti with selected details and adorable niceties for an exceptional shoot.

Come with us to Italy to join this gorgeous bride on her special day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Irina Rott Photography
PLANNER + DESIGN: Alessandra Benedetti for Infinity Italian Wedding 
VENUE: Villa Vanzetti
WEDDING DRESS: Jesus Piero Via Mara Rossi, Tiffany Atelier Sposa, Villafranca (Verona)
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Ilaria Adami
JEWELRY: Skusa Schmuckgeschichten