Minimalism Sets Accents



Pale colors, soft floral arrangements and a natural bride – the expressive shots of wedding photographer Jenny Tong prove: Minimalism sets accents.

All she needed was an empty room, with bare walls in blue-gray. Shy and reserved, they emphasize the intensity and beauty of others.

Like the beauty of this young bride who shines without much make-up and shimmery jewelry in her wedding dresses from The Loft Bridal. It is the texture and applications of the designs that skillfully underline their merits.

The floral design of Flos on the Folk took a similar approach. Without flowers and leaves one concentrates fully on the perfectly formed branches and limbs, recognizing they´re a true masterpiece themselves. A masterpiece of nature that only fragrant buds and fresh foliage can emphasize.

And so an inconspicuous, golden stool becomes the throne of a bride and a glittering hair comb becomes an eye-catcher in her hair. Elegant, white porcelain turns into the serving tray for sparkling jewels and an antique salver into the stage for artful calligraphy by Joyce Chiang.

Minimalism is not synonymous with boredom or unimaginativeness. The opposite is true, and once again it´s a great artist behind a camera who proves it to us: Jenny Tong.

Her aim was not to be irritated by external influences, but rather to follow her own heart. To remember what was really important to her and to courageously foreground her personal wishes.

With this food for thought and the resulting shoot, Jenny Tong is a wonderful inspiration for many brides who don´t want to be dissuaded from their path.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Jenny Tong Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Flos on the Folk
WEDDING DRESS: The Loft Bridal
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Wish Makeup Workshop
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab



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