Minimalist white on white winter inspirations


Minimalism, the play of warm and cool and the twist between feminine and masculine were breeding grounds for this extraordinary winter editorial created by fine art photographer and stylist Alice of Flock Events.

The arguments are aesthetic, encouraging and inspiring, impressing as artful inspiration.

From Judy und Alice: “The stark industrial foundation of brings lineal shadows, metal beams, and clean surfaces. It was the perfect location to dream up a new take on “white on white”. Rather than lush, elegant, and classic, I wanted this to feel bare, minimal, and boast a twist between feminine and masculine.

We came together as a group of creatives able to be in each others’ space once again. New Zealand has come through “the other side” of COVID-19 with no restrictions on gatherings or meetings. To be able to join together and bring this vision to life is something we don’t take for granted. 

A Hawke’s Bay Winter is known for a harsh frost in the morning with sunlight often streaming all day long. It’s both warm, and cool. This was where the inspiration came from warm earthy textures of wood, ceramics, and linen with harsh elements such as concrete, bare branches, and stark white walls to contrast.

The play on warm and cool can be seen in all elements. It’s the sleek pull backed hair with the blush pink cheeks and lips. It’s the flowing silk matched to masculine poses. It’s white linen and white chairs with earthy ceramic plates, lit candles, and wooden cutlery. It’s the metal staircase with floral growth of . It’s the lineal shadows behind the curves of the female body.

Asking creatives to walk into a white and grey room and create, is always rewarding. This shoot proves that to be true. What can be created inside four white walls? That will always be the question.”






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