Modern French Castle Wedding Inspirations



At the landing, the groom waits anxiously for his bride knowing: in a few seconds his modern castle wedding will begin, with a first look that´ll take his breath away.

At the top of the stairs, the bride takes a last deep breath in one of the luxurious apartments of Château Saint George  before taking the all-important step through the door. The view through these windows is overwhelming, the world outside suddenly appears void and small. Today it´s their very own world, which becomes more importance, through the walk to the altar and the little French word “oui”.

She dares to slide down the stairs with her bridal bouquet of D’amour et de Déco  and a radiant smile. With her loosely pinned up hair, the natural makeup and most of all her beguiling gown with a low neckline, she stands stops at her speechless, future husband. Her beauty and grace are stunning, lovingly he kisses her hand and forehead.

Like French aristocrats once did the couple explores castle and garden to loose themselves in the priceless view. Classy the drink champagne to their common future and enjoy the festively decorated table…

For this wonderful wedding inspirations wedding planner Les demoiselles  reflected the opulence of the historic estate with extensive flower arrangements and gave stylish shine through bright shades of grey and white. An overall concept that started with the stationery of  Graphikkart  and ended long after the lovingly table decoration.

Photographer Ludovic Grau-Mingot was also an important part of this successful team. If it wasn´t for him, we could not sink into this impressive world of pictures with you now.




PHOTOGRAPHER: Ludovic Film Photographer 
STYLIST / PLANNER: D’amour et de Déco
VENUE: Château Saint George
FLORAL DESIGNER: D’amour et de Déco
DRESS DESIGNER: Jesus Peiro at Martine Toledano
ACCESSORIES: Orchidée de Soie
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Les ciseaux de Marie
STATIONERY: Graphikkart
JEWELRY: Alice Magnin
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab


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