Modern staging of a Renaissance wedding


“Photographing this inspiration shoot felt like photographing a modern staging of a royal wedding in Renaissance times.” gushes photographer Modern Staging of a Renaissance Wedding by Modern Staging of a Renaissance Wedding by Janine Licare excitedly as she shares her images with us today. “Idyllically located in a rural area of France, the 400-year-old Chateau de Varennes takes you right back to the time in which it was built.”

So much enthusiasm arouses curiosity. So we dive in and are not disappointed. Slowly, the heavy wooden doors of the castle open, gradually revealing a glimpse into the past.

In the middle of the hall is enthroned an imposing dinner table, reminiscent of the art of still life of the era. Flowing swaths of fabric hug the backs of the chairs, gorgeous blooms bend far beyond the vase to exude their fragrance over the entire table, and shimmering gold accents round out the vibrant painting with a touch of elegance.

However, this room was not the only one to show such attention to detail. “Every motif, every scene was perfectly styled down to the smallest detail to bring the Renaissance vision to life, from the deep reds of Moon Canyon‘s flowers, to mauve tones of the table settings, to the gold frames of the ceiling and everything in between.” enthuses event stylist Shannon Leahy, who was the creative lead for this workshop.

Even from a distance, you can see the proverbial common thread of the concept, which workshop host Sylvie Gil Photography placed great emphasis on. “The bold red velvet was a big theme within the shoot.” knows participant Janine. “It stretched from the velvet furniture to the monogrammed stationery from Aerialist Press and the ribbon in the cake decorations to the antique chaise.”

Not quite as antique but no less precious seem to us the two wedding dresses by Naeem Khan, which made the bride shine both in the chapel and at the reception. Here, too, the focus was visibly on the small subtleties that delight with the unexpected and play with contrasts while blending seamlessly into the Renaissance image.

At the latest, we can relate to Janine Licare ‘s enthusiasm when she revisits the experience: “If there’s one thing these images prove, it’s that it’s not old-fashioned to infuse a touch of Renaissance into modern weddings.” On that note, get inspired!






Photography: Janine Licare Photography
Workshop Host: Sylvie Gil Photography
Planning & Design: Shannon Leahy
Business Strategist: Ideaction Consulting
Floral design: Moon Canyon
Floral Assistant: Laure Lalliard Design
Paper Design & Gifts: Aerialist Press
Production Manager: NKT Events
Production Assistant: Edina Noobah
Makeup & Hair: Ava Belle
Venue: Chateau de Varennes
Gowns: Naeem Khan
Accessories: Bekah Anne
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Tuxedo & Men’s Accessories: The Black Tux
Linens: La Tavola Linens
Rentals: Options, Vaisselle Vintage
Cake & Macarons: Cakes in the City
Ribbons & Textiles: Tono & Co.
Candles: Ester Erik
Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab


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