Modernity, serenity and joy in Porto



Porto is the gateway and starting point for a journey into a scenic and cultural diversity of Portugal. A vibrant metropolis with a charming old town, authentic harbour atmosphere, gentle Atlantic beaches, picturesque river scenery and magnificent vineyards.

It is the hometown of the two artists André Teixeiras and Sofia Ferreira of Brancoprata, who impress us this time with a modern, cosmopolitan editorial.

When André strolls through the streets of Porto, he commits life’s art to the camera. Much of what he captures is inspired by life’s daily gestures. What is considered authentically beautiful in his eyes is the reflection of the people on whom the natural light falls and the love of life that is revealed in every scene.

Every day of Sofia’s life is marked by creativity and light. She is dedicated to craftsmanship and the appreciation of beauty that appeals to all generations. She loves precious materials and interpreting the feel of her projects are her ultimate goal. Sophisticated and refined styling and design are ingrained in the artist.

In the innovative shoot, Brancoprata allows colours, shapes, light and shadow to merge into a perfectly shaped work of art. Elegance, creativity and style are woven into the visual language of movement and emotion.

From Sofia: “It is, in a way, a visual and elegant explanation of the personality of the city Porto, strong but relaxed, young at heart, and daring. liberal, outgoing and resilient, able to overcome every challenge.
Modernity, joviality and joy are the three words that sum up the purpose of this project.

The story is simple, a cosmopolitan couple, obviously in love with the city, celebrates a day full of elements and details delicately chosen for this occasion, details that reflect a lot of their way of being!
They also want to show another side of the city, the one that only the locals know and that they fall in love with every day, a place that is just one step below the clouds.

Who said that Porto, in addition to being vibrant, cannot be modern, spirituous and, at the same time, sophisticated?”

Seduced by the exclusivity of the setting, the finesse of the styling, the splendour of the flowers and the expressiveness of the images by André Teixeiras of Brancoprata, we marvel at the uniqueness of the whole. And don’t miss the refreshing and lively video of Vanessa & Ivo at the end of the blogpost – it’s an experience.



Creative direction styling and flowers by @sofiaferreira from @brancoprata
Photography by @andre_teixeira from @brancoprata
Make up by @marlenevinha from @prettyexquisitecom
Hair design by @alexdurohair from @diff_hairdesigners
Videography by @vanessaivofilms
Jewelry by @monseojewels
Dress and shoes by @jesuspeiroporto
Tuxedo and shoes by @prassa_cerimonia
Stationery by @letteringbygrg
Welcome bag by @castelbelporto
Venue @auge_porto at @portopalaciohotel
Models from @bestmodels_agency
Male model @orodrigodosantos
Female model by @maria24joao
Neons by
Styling surfaces