Moody Beach Bride


Approachable wilderness, noticeable gusts of wind and warming light – looking at the incredibly palpable pictures shot by photographer Cassie Rosch lets us feel like we were part of this spectacular shoot.

Mysterious and unreal black sand lies to her feet yet the moment she comes to the beach a whole new world opens up for her…

Sinister and enchanted the forest lays ahead yet where a fey bride stands and walks her surroundings start to shine in golden light.

Secretly and baffling the street ends among nowhere, yet as she hits the road her path becomes clear and precise.

The way how the gown´s blue skirt of Chantel Lauren lets the graceful bride float, how her captivating eyes becharm us and how her amazing bouquet unites everything this shooting represents – all of a sudden it´s so easy to vanish from everyday life for a moment and to follow Cassie Rosch

Translation: Marina Jenewein




WEDDING DRESS: Chantel Lauren
FLORALS: Lindsay Helzer
RIBBON: Tono & Co


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