Moody Bridal Inspirations


She looks out of the window. It is still light. The day? Not over yet. The walls around her are painted dark blue. In front of them stands a white fireplace adorned with colorful roses. Her wavy red hair rests on her thin, semitransparent dress, so unreal and fragile.

The next moment, she is lying on the floor and looks at us meaningfully. Little leaves lie in the palms of her hands. A symbol of impermanence. It is these leaves that can also be found under the chandelier, arranged like a crowning finish to the day.

There, where the light penetrates, the bride’s form contrasts against it. It is a statement, a clear message. Just like the bouquet, kept in pink and yellow tones, but energetically carried by a dark green. Dashes of color are woven in here and there. Just like the ring that, bejeweled with a small diamond, has already revealed what has come to pass today.

Where light appears to us, darkness does not have to yield. Where love waits, there will also always be a little doubt. But the bride is ready. She slowly treads over the dark wood parquet into the room. The doors are wide open. It is about to start. She lowers her gaze. The time for waiting has passed.

Based on a quote by Bram Stroker florist Andi Jamison of Bows and Arrows fell in love with the vision of an innocent adorable beauty within the backdrop of total darkness. Together with photograph Heather Hawkins and a talented team she created this dreamlike shooting including those stunning floral arrangements.

“There are darknesses
in life and there are lights,
and you are one of the lights,
the light of all the lights.


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Heather Hawkins
STYLING: Kylie Swanson
DRESS: Shop Gossamer
HAIR + MAKEUP: Tracy Melton Artistry
RIBBON: Frou Frou Chic
FILM LAB: Photovision



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