In-Between Lights And Darkness



It´s dark and drear inside the hollowness, silent dripping in the depth is all we hear…

Playing with contrasts not only let event stylist Kelly Lenard´s captivating ideas and delicate florals literally blossom it also helped photographer  Kyle John to unfurl his talent behind the camera to capture breathtaking snapshots so skillfully.

A mystic cave turned into the fascinating setting for graceful bridal inspirations where colors and shapes, light and darkness as well as beauty and art couldn´t exist without their equivalent.

Besides the floral´s powerful shades of pink and white and the forest´s lush green the tenderly floating Claire Pettibone robe by The Dress Theory was one of the exciting eye-catchers.

Be brave and dive into a world below ground to make sure you don´t miss the earthly and expressive pictures shot by the exceptional artist  Kyle John!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0001 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0002 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0003 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0004 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0005 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0006 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0007 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0008 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0009 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0010 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0011 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0012 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0013 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0014 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0015 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0016 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0017 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0018 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0018a moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0019 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0019a moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0020 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0023 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0023a moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0024 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0025 moody-cave-bridal-shoot_0026

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kyle John Photography
FLORALS + STYLING: Kelly Lenard from Intertwine
PAPER GOOD: : Rebeca Lynn Calligraphy
GOWN: : Claire Pettibone by The Dress Theory
MAKE-UP: Nika Vaughan
RIBBONS: : frou frou chic
RING: Trumpet and Horn
LOCATION: Turkey Run National Park
FILM LAB: : Photo Vison Prints
MODEL: A.K. for Ford Models



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