Moonshine Wedding


A cool wind blows over the deserted landscape that serves as backdrop for a moonshine wedding today.  Self-confident the delicate bride braves the rugged surrounding and covers it with her veil of natural beauty, to transform it into her very own personal realm with charm and grace…

“A mysterious, rocky landscape reduced to the essential yet full of beauty – that´s the kind of location we had in mind for our moon styled shoot.” wedding designer Kristina Höfler revealed and added: “Looking for an appropriate place, we came across this quarry, which immediately reminded us of a moonscape. It was the perfect place for our artsy candle light dinner in the moonlight.”

 In collaboration with White Concepts she developed a very detailed concept, which let our world turn around the moon for a change.  A symbiosis of colors, shapes and sparkling details finally culminated in unique wedding inspirations.

“With a dark color scheme of black, gray, blue and silver tones, we created a wedding inspiration away from typical wedding colors. We wanted the decoration to look gloomy, but moody, stylish and festive. We added some moon character by using decoration materials such as slate, minerals, crystals and natural stones.” the talented artist Kristina Höfler Wedding Design told us.

Nowhere else you´ll feel as close to the seventh heaven as on the moon. Especially when you look at fascinating stationery like this, personally designed by Kristina Höfler with white ink on watercolor moons resembling its different phases.

Another, true to style highlight of this shoot came from the bakery of Süße Poesie in the form of a breathtaking three-tiered cake that harmonized with the amazing concept of weightlessness and lightness.  

“Light and airy, the bride floated in her simple, overdress by Charlie Brear over the stony moonscape and changed in the evening in a simple, floating dress, complemented with an ombre veil that gives her a mysterious aura.” Kristina Höfler concludes by raving about this unforgettable day.

Thanks a lot to photographer Tanja of Kibogo Photography, who captured this overwhelming variety of facets on her camera for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein





PLANUNG: Kristina Höfler Wedding Design und White Concepts
DEKORATION, PAPETERIE & FLORISTIK: Kristina Höfler Wedding Design
FOTOGRAFIE: Kibogo Photography
BRAUTMODE: White Concepts
ACCESSOIRES: Naturae Design by White Concepts
HAARE & MAKE-UP: Marry me beautiful 
RINGE: Goldschmiede Albath in Aachen









 Kibogo Photography



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