More Golden Things … in Paris!


Beauty is simple. It´s the most natural way of life and for that reason alone it concerns us.

Clear lines and equally clear shapes originate from her as much as a veil of subtle glance and playful sweetness. Beauty gleams with simplicity. Stripped-down to pure grace Michaela Römer presents her fantastic collection of jewelry. They are fine valuables of love that huddle gracefully against the bride´s skin.

Today´s feminine and unsophisticated bride wears jewelry that underlines her personality. A statement-ring here, wonderfully designed earrings there – always foregrounding the wearer.

And that´s how the designer and picture artist Greg Finck rambled about the city of love, Paris. Always present: the romantic charm of the streets and the setting of dreamy art nouveau to capture the jewelry´s beauty artfully according to the motto “More Golden Things”.

This is where the elegant bride with a penchant for understatement feels like home. And despite her plainness she spreads that certain something. That´s how it´s supposed to be. And maybe it´s Michaela Römer’s  lovingly designed pieces of jewelry that fascinate us so much about this bridal look. Complementing the bride without valorizing themselves.

Bridal accessories as graceful and delicate as the bride. What else would fit the hot Paris-Chic better? Loosely swinging bridal dresses, loose hair and a soft hint of natural beauty.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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WEDDING GOWN: Rime Arodaky
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Trine Juel Lindblad
CALLIGRAPHY: Natalia Ried, milia ink
MODEL: Alizée Bonnet 










Michaela Römer

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