Morning Bath


Walking with naked feet over a chilly stone terrace or stepping into a warm bath. Inhaling the fresh scent of meadows and olives or of flickering candles. Getting kissed awake by warming rays of sunlight or warm drops of water – whatever helps a bride to relax is as diverse as women themselves.

At one of his popular photo workshops photographer Donny Zavala showcased two different scenarios for his attendees. Among the impressive Castello di Potentino, surrounded by Tuscany´s dreamlike landscape, he captured a bride at her morning getting ready as well as at a dreamy bridal shoot among nature. 

The Italian event stylists of Honey And Cinnamon Wed created a wonderful ambience in the in- and outdoor full of Dolce Vita and Southern flair that lets every bride forget about her nervousness.

Rustic meets modern, ancient times meet classic – what Tuscany´s history determines found its resumption inside the adorable castle where the stylists used selected details to underline that special ambience.

Who like us loves Tuscany and can´t get enough of dreamy bridal inspirations shouldn´t miss these overwhelming images by Donny Zavala

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER + WORKSHOP: Donny Zavala Photography
ASSISTANT: Riccardo Delfanti Photography
VENUE: Castello di Potentino
STYLIST: Honey And Cinnamon Wed
DRESSES: Claire La Faye
HEADPIECE + VEIL: Melinda Rose Design
LINGERIE: Melinda Rose Design
FLORALS: Isa Events
RINGS: Susie Saltzman
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Stella Mongodi
MODEL: Rocchi Rebecca 
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints



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