Multiple wedding dresses on the wedding day?


5 reasons to have multiple wedding dresses on your wedding day.

How many dresses do you want? Two dresses for the wedding are already standard for most brides – one for the registry office and one for the church or free wedding ceremony. The possibilities are endless and there are no limits to individuality. For every budget there are many alternatives now.

Here are 5 reasons for multiple dresses:

1. Variation in the couple pictures

In a tight fit and flare dress you have less freedom of movement than in an airy A-line dress. Accordingly, the photographer will also guide the poses differently. Choosing several and especially different styles of dresses will be a beautiful image variation.

2. Dress style suitable for the occasion and program

A church wedding ceremony is a great place for a classic, elegant dress. Shoulders should be covered for a church wedding. However, this dress may not match the location or the rest of the wedding day. A wedding has a lot of action items, so it offers a lot of opportunities to base the dresses off of them. Good dress-up times are after the registry office, after church, for the bride and groom shoot, or before the party.

3. In case of emergency there is a replacement dress

There’s no wedding without a mishap. Torn dress, sauce on the dress or stains from the bridal bouquet – these are all real situations. But it’s also half as bad if you have a change of dress. Of course, it doesn’t take an emergency to put on the second dress. Another example is a change of weather. Maybe it’s sunny in the morning and cool and rainy in the afternoon, so you can choose the dress with long sleeves later.

4. You can’t decide – take several!

You can argue whether this point is really a reason. But honestly – we’re just looking for good reasons to treat ourselves to multiple dresses. Pro tip: When buying the second or third dress, make sure that you can still wear it afterwards. Then the investment isn’t just one-time and your conscience is somewhat soothed. Maybe you can also dye a dress differently or re-cut it after the wedding. By the way, this also applies to the bridal shoes, some can be dyed after the wedding.

5. For the party, the shoes are changed, why not the dress?

The party is the most common occasion to change the dress. Especially if you had a big pompous or super tight dress for the wedding ceremony with no room to move, a dress-up makes sense for dancing at the party. Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Richie have done just that. This way you’ll enjoy the evening and the party even more!

Tip: In the planning of the day you should allow enough time for the makeover. Keep in mind that you will have to walk into the room first, that putting on a wedding dress often takes a little longer than putting on simple clothes, and that you may need to freshen up your makeup. It is helpful if one person accompanies you and helps. Your guests should be provided with food and drinks in the meantime, so that no one is actively waiting for you. This way, everyone will keep the fun of the wedding day.

The text idea for this article is from Diana Fischer, wedding photographer from DFischer Weddings. The wedding shoot at the beautiful Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden took place with different designer wedding dresses from Soulmaid Bridal Couture Dresden. The dresses were beautifully staged by photographer Diana Fischer in the fancy event room of the hotel. The historic facades of the hotel are also particularly beautiful, even the staircase and the corridors formed a noble backdrop.

In this shoot you can see wonderfully the different styles of wedding dresses and how glamorous or playful a wedding dress can look. The lush floral decoration in the ballroom is by Madame Design & Fleur and the wedding cake is by Chez Valérie.  Planning: Westend Weddings
Photography: DFischer Weddings, Diana Fischer
Film: Sven Goldschmidt
Venue: Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa
Bridal Dresses: Soulmaid Bridal Couture Dresden
Designer: Viktor & Rolf, Peter Langer, Julia Kontogruni, Jesus Peiro, Rime Arodaky, Nicole Milano
Groom Outfit: Wilvorst
Jewelry: Venyou
Hair & Make Up: Tatjana Reimer
Florist: Madame Design & Fleur
Rentals: Wedding & Event design studio
Stationery: Kamikatzedesign Berlin
Wedding Cake: Chez Valérie

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