Mysterious Bridal Inspirations


Somehow mystical and unfathomable, yet equally captivating and intriguing – Simone Todisco, owner of Il Todisco, a wedding planning agency based in Italy, enchants us with her mysterious bridal inspirations from a magical world unknown to us. Only those who look very closely recognize what the story is all about.

I’d like to introduce you to the “Anima” (“soul” in English) project, a style shoot project based on a precise concept: the idea of scouting an aesthetic horizon characterized by contrasts- fullness and emptiness, weight and lightness, strength and fragility. I thought of “Anima” as the title of shoot because I liked the idea of revealing the soul, the heart of things.“

We look even closer and see, also light and shadow, bloom and transience, naturalness and art played an important role in this concept. The symbiosis of many opposites that found new life under the weathered roof of San Sebastiano Po Castle.

No angle remained undetected, no sign of time unnoticed, no detail unseen. With the utmost attention, the entire team devoted themselves to each subtle concinnity and skilfully put them into focus.

The contrasts develop, for instance, in the floral setting by Opificio Floreale: displaying fresh flowers and dry ones; in the charisma of the model face showing some harshness, yet showing a fragile soul when wearing the Maura Brandino dress.“ Simone Todisco explains.

In order to make a very specific contrast visible, she even used the structural conditions of the centuries-old castle: „I’ve looked for the contrast between full and empty in a “scar” on the wall, which will see flowers blooming from it.

Erte Photo was able to experience the magic of the location and the incredible production up close and has managed to capture this unique atmosphere in a way that makes our flesh pleasantly crawl.





Concept & Planning: Il Todisco
Photography and Video: Erte Photo
Venue: San Sebastiano Po Castle
Flower Designer: Opificio Floreale
Stationery: Mogu Wedding
Wedding Dress: Maura Brandino
HMUA: Rosanna Curci
Table Set: Interra Ceramica
Rental: Venturino Noleggi
Jewels:  EF Jewelry Design
Decoration: Fane Decorations
Wedding Cake: La Cascinassa
Model: Giulia



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