Mystical Bridal Inspirations in a French Abbey


Year after year passes by this old abbey just like the ink runs over classy stationery inviting us to the quiet moments of a bride.

Valuable time runs through our hands, change and alteration are unstoppable. Only the presence of an angel lets time stand still for the blink of an eye.

Aged walls turn into proud facades and cold stone floors into sun-kissed aisles for the bride to float through.

Nuns and monks once had been its residents but today the monastery is filled with flickering candle light and the sweet and fresh fragrance of flowers…

„I was scouting this old abbey for clients when the idea of a mystical bridal shoot came to mind. The idea was to document a suspended moment in the restful calm of this place.“ Véronique Lorre of Quelque chose de Bleu raves about her breathtaking location Abbaye de Fontdouce.

Skillfully the event stylist created a myth-enshrouded ambience of sheer fabrics, extravagant flower arrangements and a Madonna-like robe by Atelier Manon Pascual, letting the bride appear holy and inviolable.

Photographer David Duféal was another perfect choice stylist Veroniqué made, as she explained to us: David Duféal perfectly captured the essence of the story of this young barefoot girl moving and playing with her fluid dress between the columns and arches of the room, contrasting with the “austerity” of the places.“

Now let us sneak a peek into the mysterious past through the amazing pictures shot by David Duféal.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




CREATIVE DIRECTION, STYLING & FLOWERS : Véronique Lorre for Quelque chose de Bleu
FASHION & BEAUTY DIRECTOR : Johan Yvon for Joh cosmetics
WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Manon Pascual
JEWELRY: Poiray Paris
PAPER GOODS : Graphikkart
VENUE : Abbaye de Fontdouce
MODEL: Lou Fossey
FILM LAB : Photo Vision printing




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