Natural Utah Canyon Bride


Pines rise up to the sky resembling squiggled church steeples of an imposing cathedral. Golden light shines through the tree tops like warm rays of sunlight trough artful church windows.

All around them mountain tops cling to each other like a protective barrier for an especially precious treasure. It´s the well sheltered home of a delicate girl, plain in elegance and natural in beauty.

Right here, among the impressive mountain backdrop of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah event designer and florist Amber Reverie created stunning bridal inspirations. She left the surrounding nature almost untouched by rounding off the overall picture only with a few little details.

A sheer dress of lace by Gossamer underlined the classy yet natural bridal look complemented by subtle makeup and loose hair. Additionally, Amber Reverie chose mother nature´s bridal bouquet made of wild cotton from the canyon.

Photographer  Joey Kennedy captured these refreshingly natural bridal inspirations for us on camera and shows impressively that even the remotest place on earth might be perfect for your wedding…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



DESIGN + FLOWERS: Amber Reverie
GOWNS: Gossamer
RIBBON + FABRIC: Silk & Willow
LOCATION: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
FILM SCANS: Richard Photo Lab
MODEL: Monica Hobbs



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