Neo Gothic bridal inspirations


With a touch of magic that gives you goosebumps, stunning contemporary bridal inspirations bring the Neo-Gothic era to us in modern times. Under the creative direction of Wedding Planner Roberta Cavaliere, what seems to belong together comes together.

And so, behind the ornate façade of the imposing Castello del Roccolo in Busca, two worlds meet that could not be more different, but complete each other like a missing piece of the puzzle.

Like day and night, like black and white, like light and shadow, the extravagance, playfulness and beauty of the Gothic would not exist without the simplicity, restraint and clarity of the present.

This tension, the play of opposites has made wedding planner Roberta Cavaliere visible in a very special way: “This shoot is based on two different brides. The one all white with golden elements. In a sweeping wedding gown by Rico Spose, accessorized with a sumptuous crown of precious stones and a bouquet of black roses and ferns by La Bottega di Davide Fiorentino.” she tells us proudly and adds:“The second bride is all in black. Her dress is assymetric with flounce and transparent details combined with a neo-gothic headpices and a bridal bouquet of silver dollar women’s hair fern.”

In addition to the extraordinary gowns and elaborate headdresses, it is the elaborate floral arrangements by La Bottega di Davide Fiorentino that leave us in awe.

Because photographer Carla Penoncelli accompanied the exciting journey through the history of style and has captured every little detail for us in an impressive way.





WEDDING PLANNING & STYLING: Roberta Cavaliere – Artefice di momenti felici
PHOTOGRAPHY: Carla Penoncelli
VENUE: Castello del Roccolo
FLORAL DESIGN: La Bottega di Davide Fiorentino
CAKE DESIGN: DolceMente ConTorta
MAKE-UP: Erika Finotti
FINE CHINA: Bianco di china
RINGS: Giulia Lentini
TEXTILE: Allegoria Textile Delights
MODELS: Veronica Barbieri and Laila Bounami



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