New York City Proposal


New York City is her oyster, unsuspectingly she takes the impressive skyline in.

Even from the rooftop of Rockefeller Center heaven seems just as unreachable as her sweetheart she misses so much right now.

Suddenly she hears a familiar voice and as she turns around he´s already on his knee. Presenting her a sparkling ring, asking her this one special question.

And a very surprised and delighted “I do” catapults Stefan and Deldre directly into seventh heaven…

I guess all of us wish for an unforgettable proposal. Photographer Tracy Enoch captured one of the most exciting and emotional moments in the lives of these two and took them for an engagement shoot to the amazing Central Park.

Here we have the lovingly assembled gallery of Tracy Enoch full of smitten and dreamy pictures for you…

Text: Marina Jenewein


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