Nik And Sara – Boheme Love at Santorini


Light-hearted and free a young couple drifts where life takes them, invites us to their bohemian inspired couple shoot in Greece.

Barefooted on the stony beach, a carpet becomes a comfortable couch. They have each other, that´s all they need. Where they are there´s love and where there´s love there´s their home.

A delicate wreath adorns Sara´s long brown hair. Bohemian-like Nik wears his beard full. Hand in hand, arm in arm they follow the call of nature.

Together they explore the endless widths of loneliness. Looking for cooling in cold water and closeness in the loving opposite.

Where they like it they stay. Whenever time for change comes up they leave. Exploring the world in their way, living their love worry-free…

A bohemian couple shoot was the motto of a Workshops by Vasia Han Photography which recently took place at the Red Beach on Santorini. The photographer herself revealed: „Nik, of Greek heritage, and Sara are a real couple and true gypsy souls. Sara is an artist and Nik plays the bouzouki – this was not a prop! This was his own instrument!“

Words like free spirited, connectedness, wanderlust, individualism and purposeful inspired the picture artist to this session.

She told us: „The shoot was inspired by the time when Greek Art began to become more colourful and ornate. During this archaic period there was growing interest in individualism and uniqueness. The Idea of “finding one’s self” and expressing personal feelings was explored through art. Individuality was celebrated – like Nik and Sara!“

Now we are about to see how amazingly photographer Vasia Han Photography captured this adorable couple´s real emotions and true love…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Vasia Han Photography
WORKSHOP: Boheme Workshops hosted by Vasia Han Photography
FLORALS: Celsia Floral 
PLANNING: Stella & Moscha 
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Frantzeska Koukoula



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