Nordic Midsummer Magic


Midsummer’s night, Finland. The longest day of the year. A festival of saunas, green meadows, endless fjords and a life in nature, far from the rush of the big city.

It is the moments leading up the ceremony – the bride floats over a green carpet of flowers from which she has plucked the flowers for her hair garland. She spreads the rest on the table, on the place cards, in her garland. The legend goes that if a bride plucks eight wild flowers from different meadows on her wedding day, the marriage will be blessed with happiness.

Her dress is simple, but it shines directly into our hearts. Her hair is loose: it is only lightly held together. She wears her mother’s necklace and her grandmother’s ring. Romantically curved calligraphy on natural paper is reminiscent of books of bygone days.

You do not always need the new and extravagant at a wedding. Things cobbled together from several generations, like the table setting from childhood days, paired with fresh flowers, lay the foundation for your own dreams and wishes for the future. That, too, is midsummer’s night. A love of tradition and a look towards what is still to come.

At the end of the day, the bride refreshes herself by bathing in the cool sea and enjoys relaxed moments in the sauna. The perfect end to a beautiful day.

Michaela of Hey Look and photographer Katja Scherle of Festtagsfotografien tell us a lovely story with their magical pictures. This is what heaven must fell like!

Text: Laura Elisa Nunziante, Translation:  Charlotte Spencer-Smith


finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0004 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0004b finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0006 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0006a finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0006b finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0008 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0009 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0010 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0011 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0011a finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0011b finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0012 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0013 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0014 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0016 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0016a finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0017 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0018a finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0018b finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0019 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0021 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0022 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0023 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0025 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0026 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0027 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0028 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0028a finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0028b finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0028c finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0029 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0031 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0032 finnish-midsummer-wedding-inspirations_0033


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katja Scherle – Festtagsfotografien
FLORAL DESIGN: Michaela of Hey Look
BRIDAL GOWN: Anna Matilda
LONG DRESS: Gina Tricot
OTHER DRESSES: Stylists own
VENUE: Private Island, Finland
FILM LAB: Carmencita Lab




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