Ocean Bride


Waves balmy reach the coast, disappear in rock crevices and the wet sand. A soft breeze blows trails away, bringing the salty scent of the sea to land.

As if out of the blue a gentle figure appears, as white as the sand, as blue as the sea. Alighted from the ocean water and land now fight for her love. The foaming sea tries to fetch her back while the stormy wind persuades her to stay.

We can literally hear seagulls browsing ahead of us and swooshing waves begging for attention. We taste the salt on our lips and inhale the scent of fresh flowers.

These bridal inspirations by  Amore Events are so graspable and vivid – we want to take a seat at the table to meet this mysterious woman.

A premium table runner and ribbons by  Silk and Willow, fragrant flower arrangements by Plenty of Petals, graceful calligraphy by Poppy & Scooter Calligraphy and last but not least a dreamlike robe by Elizabeth MacKenzie blend into perfection on a large scale where not a single detail would show to advantage if it weren´t for the others.

Photographer Beatrice of Luna de Mare Photography is the famous artist behind these wonderful pictures delighting us now with breathtaking beach inspirations.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Luna de Mare Photography 
BESPOKE GOWN + VEIL: Elizabeth MacKenzie 
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Chiali Meng Artistry
FLORALS: Plenty of Petals 
FINE JEWELRY: Susie Saltzman 
TABLE RUNNER + RIBBON: Silk and Willow
CALLIGRAPHY: Poppy & Scooter Calligraphy 
GIFT BOXES: Teak & Twine 
RENTALS: My Lovely Events
MODEL: Jaynee Silvers
FILM LAB: Goodman Film Lab 


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