Old World Bridal Inspirations


Whenever a day starts with rich colors and fresh fruits, that’s when we are about to delight in enchanting bridal inspirations from Georgia.

The bride´s bedroom seems playful and colorful, the rest of the house seems precious and antique.

Nestled in the old town of Tbilisi, she spends her last few hours before the big moment at the altar. Her delicate dress made of layers of tulle nestles to her like a second skin, swirling around her legs with each step.

Barefooted she explores the historic neighborhood and spreads vivid colors through her gorgeous bridal bouquet.

„This is very important shoot for us.“ photographer Lena Eliseeva told us. „Georgia is a great country of colors, tastes, traditions and of course people. We wanted to show an authentic bride from the Old Town – the way she is foraging her wedding flowers, sewing, bringing water and how beautiful she is in this munificent Georgian nature.“

Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi was perfect for this shoot. Centuries old architecture interrupted by juicy green accents provided them with breathtaking scenes bringing unimagined facets of the city to light.

In order to finish the story coherently florist Kristine Hananeina created a colorful bouquet based on the blossoming nature of the land, which accompanied the bride through the day.

Who would have thought that Georgia has so much grace and beauty to offer? Come with us and discover even more secrets among the impressive pictures by Lena Eliseeva.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Lena Eliseeva Photography
FLOWERS: Kristine Hananeina
DRESS: Karina Mitina
ACCESSORIES: NCh Wedding Jewelry


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