Old World Romance


At first glance, we don’t know where we are. Enclosed in a old house. Together with the bride, who skilfully unites different styles. The floor of aged wood creaks mysteriously when she steps across it with her bare feet.

White paint is peeling off the window panes. The walls appear to consist of old brickwork: they are not painted or decorated but stand out thanks to their character. Nonetheless, they harmonise with the festive decorations that make this room come alive. They invite the room to exhale all stale air in order to welcome in the new.

The bride glides gracefully in a white lace dress of BHLDN through this carefully considered ensemble, letting the soft tulle of her robe glide gently across the floorboards. Green plants lie strewn across the room as though they had come to life here. They later reappear in the bridal bouquet by Moss Floral, hiding shyly behind bright roses. Blackberries, on the other hand, don’t like to hide, instead making for strong highlights. Accompanied by precious golden jewel cases and fine calligraphy sweeping delicately across the paper.

A mixture of an old, abandoned exterior world and a dreamy, gentle inner life. The time has come to open up to new things. To hone one’s gaze and break through the typical images.

Callie Manion has done an amazing job here. And at the end of the day, she finally reveals where we are: in Texas, the deep south, maybe on a small farm. When the bride looks longingly out of the window, we feel as though she were sitting next to us.




PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING Callie Manion Photography
MAKE-UP & HAIR Q Makeup & Artistry 
PAPER GOODS Alli K Design 
RING Amulette Heirloom
JEWELRY Shapiro Diamonds
RENTALS Prop Maker Events
LOCATION Trinity Institute
FILM LAB PhotoVision 
MODEL Kelsey Radican with Callidus Agency 



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