Opulent couple shoot at Bantry House


Present or past, traditionally or individually, dark or bright – Angelika Krinke accompanied the decision of a bride between black and white.

With every facet the ivy covered manor house lives the past. The spirited bride inside is symbol of present. The Interior requires tradition; her heart yearns for innovation. Heavy velvet curtains prefer it dark, sparkling crystals like it bright…

Stylings by Pearl & Godiva come with a difference, less would be unacceptable for the ambitious stylists. And so we see another one of their masterpieces, an exciting game bearing their unmistakable signature.

The Irish Bantry House was chosen to serve as backdrop and stunning eye-catcher for their recent styled shoot. As if we´d travel to bygone days when entering, it fascinates with antique furniture and contemporary decorations, keeping the souls of the Earl and his Countess alive.

But then there´s this modern bride, torn between two worlds. All in white, she reinterprets tradition in a glamorous Cathytelle robe, all in black crosses boundaries, in a flowing dream designed by Emily Riggs Bridal

We can not take the decision for her. Much rather we sink with you into the incredibly expressive pictures by Angelika Krinke.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Angelika Krinke 
MAKE-UP: Aileen Duffy 
HAIR: Glen Cullen 
LOCATION: Bantry House 
WHITE DRESS: Cathytelle 
BLACK DRESS: Emily Riggs Bridal 
EARRINGS: Kristin Hayes 
STATIONERY: Tara Spencer
MODEL: Teo at 1st Options



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