Oriental Seaside Shoot


Warm mint tea spreads its unmistakable scent and artful lanterns slightly swing with the soft breeze.

The fine sand slowly cools off, just like the ocean that embraces it lovingly. The evening sun bathes the beach in dreamy light, giving the sea one last glint for today.

Inspired by their own history photographer Raphael of  l’Artisan photographe and wedding planner and bridal fashion designer Céline de Monicault of  Carnet de mariage created golden wedding inspirations.

Nautical flair meets oriental charm – with his stunning pictures Raphael shows us how perfect these two worlds harmonize.

The ocean´s shades of blue and grey turn up again within the typical pattern of oriental cushions and get complemented by Silk And Willow´s elaborate light beige ribbons.

The clear white and feathery robe as well as the lush green of the bridal bouquet, the floral wreath and the ankle chain set unique and bright highlights.

 l’Artisan photographe not only made significant contributions to the realization of this shoot we also owe him these amazing pictures of this gorgeous final outcome. Now enjoy delving among the gallery!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: l’Artisan photographe 
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab 
STYLING: l’Artisan photographe & Carnet de mariage
DRESS: Carnet de mariage 
HAIR: Les mariées du salon 
MAKE-UP: Audrey Robino 
FLOWERS: l’Art qui pousse 
RIBBONS: Silk & Willow 
CALLIGRAPHY: Nice Plume Calligraphy  


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