Over the River and Through the Wood


Barefooted the bridal couple walks along the nearby river where the colors of summer already fade. Dark shades of wood, golden candle holders and a huge cake got decorated with white buds and dark green leaves.

On top there are single lilac-colored blossoms. Little golden accents play masterfully with the whims of nature. The sweet cake talks to us. Through the powerful pictures shot by Shannon Moffit.

The bride wears handmade silver accessory. Her dress seems two-parted due to a little piece of lace missing between top and skirt. On the secret paths of Chesapeake Arboretum in Virginia next to a quiet river and a gorgeous wooden bridge the newly wed couple just can´t keep their hands off each other.

And they don´t need to! There´s so much to discover on those tiny paths filled with blooming life. Between branches that presage a forest they won´t get lost in. And in front of a bridge shrouded from the water they dine amazingly among this special location. It´s the little colorful details that give hope to dense landscape. Promising a new life outside our hectic world.

With her dreamlike ideas Brandi Hunley of  As You Wish Weddings & Events takes us into a wonderful world of inspiration captured on artful pictures by Shannon Moffit.

Text: Laura Elisa Nunziante, Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Shannon Moffit Photography
PLANNING + STYLING: Brandi HunleyAs You Wish Weddings & Events
BRIDAL DRESS: Martina Liana from Pure English Bridal
RINGS: Susie Saltzman
CALLIGRAPHY: Julie Ha Calligraphy
ACCESSORIES +VEIL: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart
FLORALS: Fluttering Flowers
RIBBONS: Silk and Willow
CAKE: Incredible Edibles Bakery
RENTALS: Distinctive Event Rentals
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints



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