Philibert Barelli


Philibert Barelli

Phone : +41 (0) 79 559 05 81



“As I love traveling, I studied tourism management. After that, I visited all the continents.

The complicated history and architecture inspired me to pursue a career in photography. I felt the desire to capture the landscape and document the stories told through the textures, colors and vast skies of the great outdoors.

I started out as a landscape and wildlife photographer and explored the landscapes of Kenya and South Africa. (I have been on five safaris and would go again without hesitation). This gave me the opportunity to refine my work, but I couldn’t continue without including the human element.

That’s what brought me to weddings, first as a wedding photographer in Switzerland, and now traveling to photograph weddings in Italy, Ireland and France. I love that weddings encompass all forms of photography – portraiture, landscape, architecture and fashion photography to name a few.”


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